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FREE Strength Stories Activity

Your combination of strengths makes you unique and sets you apart. This activity helps people grow in confidence as they understand and learn to showcase their strengths. It could help you get into the school you love, win scholarships, and be chosen by the company you are aiming to work for. 

Win Scholarships

We just heard today that [our son] won the academic scholarship competition. Kathryn, I believe that without your excellent coaching he wouldn't have been prepared to articulate his strengths, passions, and God-given gifts. Our investment in your program was truly worth the cost....The fact that he won over $120,000 of university tuition just makes it that much sweeter. 

 Matt Mullett, Owner & CEO, All American Marine 

College and Scholarship Applications

are Easier

Writing stressful essays is so much easier with a step-by-step process that covers content, writing style, and editing. You can have an advantage over your peers.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is collaborative process where a skilled mentor focuses on helping a client reach a goal successfully.

A coach acts as a guide, brings knowledge of particular topics, & offers tried and true tools to help you move forward. Encouragement is at the core of the process. 

About Kathryn

Kathryn Greene loves helping young people reach their goals. She counts it a privilege to encourage others and help them achieve success. 

Coaching since 2010, she received 

executive coach training which she modifies for high school & college students. 


Kathryn helps her clients use their strengths to achieve their goals. She collaborates with her clients to chart a well paced course that is fits their unique qualities.


Applying dependable strategies leads to clients achieving success. 


My ideas about myself, what I want, and the future are now organized concrete and solidified....Using what I have learned from the coaching program has helped me to become a more effective decision maker. This experience simplified the complexities. 

 Jessi I., Bellingham High School & Whitworth University graduate

Kathryn was really helpful because she knew how to ask intentional questions that showcased my unique passions and strengths. It's surprisingly difficult to know how to talk and write about yourself in the way that admissions offficers are looking for, and she taught me how to speak the language. She gave me the tools to showcase myself. 

McKenna S., Sehome High School & University of San Diego graduate

Kathryn, we want to thank you for the invaluable college and career coaching service you provided for our daughter when she was a junior in high school. We can look back and see how the investment in your coaching service has had big returns for our daughter in regards to college acceptance, scholarship awards, offers for research with professors and leadership positions on campus, and offers for jobs post graduation.  

 Jennifer S., Mother of Sehome High School & University of San Diego graduate

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